Familia Martínez Bujanda cultivates the Verdejo grape exclusively at Finca Montepedroso, with the aim to elaborate one of the best wines of the area and to represent the real spirit of Rueda. With a yield much lower than allowed by the Origin Appellation, the winery elaborates a single wine, with the same name of the property, Finca Montepedroso, that doesn´t hide the austerity and rusticity of Verdejo.  It is precisely these characteristics that make the difference between the great wines or Rueda and others elaborated with the same variety in other wine producing areas of Spain. And Montepedroso Enoteca, which will only come to the market in exceptional harvests. With a breeding of 18 months in concrete eggs. And subsequently, it has been aged for 1 year in the bottle. It is a much more mineral and deep wine, the fresh fruit takes a back seat leaving in the first the notes of smoke, limestone and incense. In the mouth it is denser, without losing the tension and freshness.

The Vineyard

Finca Montepedroso has 25 hectares dedicated to growing a single grape, the Verdejo, with a plantation life from 7 to 31 years. It is placed on a plateau at 750 meters of altitude and offers three types of soils, typical of a region situated in the central part of the Duero river depression: alluvial soil (boulders) on top of the plateau and is the largest part of the plot (70%); a clay soil in ravine, with a slope of 10% where the oldest vineyards are planted (31 years); and a soil with a large quantity of lime and clay sediments, also in ravine with slopes up to 20%.

In this sense, apart from the different soils, the climate also works to determine the growth, with cold and very long winters, short springs with late frosts and, hot and dry summers. The vines, pulling minerals, nutrients, and water from the hydric reserve found within the depths of the subsoil, and the wide temperature range (both in seasons and in the day/night cycle) lets us elaborate wines of extraordinary freshness and acidity.  Together, our Finca Montepedroso, with an ageing over its own lees in tank during at least five months culminates this wonderful wine.