Ruta del vino de DO Rueda, turismo del vino en Finca Montepedroso

The town of Rueda is settled between two hills bathed by the Zapardiel River. Its name is united to the wine and most likely there were vineyards in this area from the times of Roman and with a Verdejo variety as typical grape of the area as it is able to resist the cold and the drought.

Rueda lives today from and for the growing of vineyards, the production of their wines and tourism.

In this sense it has an important artistic and historic ensemble. The Baroque church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción was built in the XVIII century and happily stands with a beautiful façade by Pedro de Sierra. Inside, the main altarpiece, a lectern carved in wood, and a Spanish-Flemish triptych of the XVI century painted on wood in the sacristy that can be visited upon prior contact with the town hall.


The Origin Appellation Rueda was recognized on 12th January 1980 by an order of the Ministry of Agriculture and was the first DO of Castilla y León.

The production area consists of 74 townships, of which 53 are situated at the south of the province of Valladolid, 17 at the west of Segovia and 4 at the north of Avila. Most of the vineyards are concentrated in the towns of Serrada, La Seca and Rueda, where Finca Montepedroso is situated.

The Chapel of the Cuba (Barrel) is another singular building named this way because the neighbors filled barrels with wine to sell and raise funds for the building. It is mainly brick, although the door and entry façade are of stone. It maintains an altarpiece with a crucified Christ of the XVII century and a Lady of Sorrow bust of the XVIII century.

On top of a small hill, with a beautiful view of the town, we find the Chapel of San José, a recent building but worthwhile visiting to also enjoy the countryside.

Rueda also has good hotels and restaurants to offer, with several restaurants and lodgings, to be found at half an hour (41 kms) from Valladolid, the capital of Castilla y León. Valladolid is one of the emerging cities of Spain, with an extraordinary offering of cultural, and an incomparable historic and artistic heritage, and irresistible gastronomy and tourism.