Wine making

One winery, one vineyard, one wine: Finca Montepedroso

For Familia Martínez Bujanda the concept of their project in Rueda was clear from the beginning. The winery includes the latest technology to elaborate their white wines and is exclusively at the service of our technical team.

Contrarily to what most part of the people think, the elaboration of white wines is more complex than for the reds and requires more attention and technical accuracy, for which it is needed a specific technology as happens in Finca Montepedroso.

The harvest in Rueda is at night and with machine in order to reduce, as much as possible, the oxidation time of the grapes and to insure they are received at the winery with the highest possible freshness (the harvest usually begins in the middle of September, still with high temperatures during the day) which is key to producing a quality white wine.

The grapes macerate in cold temperature for about 18 hours. The fermentation takes around 19 days at approximately 16 ºC. Finca Montepedroso is not aged in wood, yet it is fundamental an “ageing” process that happens in the stainless steel tanks for at least five months, with the lees with weekly batonnage.

This process, as well as giving consistency and personality to the wine, is essential to compensate the acidity and rusticity of a grape variety as such with the Verdejo.



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